Symbol Explanation

Πίτες, τυρόπιτες, λουκανόπιτες σε πράσινο πάγκο

Explanation of symbols

Art and knowledge guide us in crafting our products at Ioniki. Refer to the key below for instructions on baking, maintenance and packaging information. Baking times may vary depending on the equipment you use. For more information about the products and their manufacturing details please contact us.

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  • Product weight
  • Defrosting time
  • Proofing 35οC-40οC / 70-75% Humidity
  • Baking
  • Shelf life -18οC / months
  • Quantity /Box
  • Boxes / palette
  • Square plate / 4 pcs 
  • Rectangular plate / 6 pcs
  • Square plate / 36 pcs 
Trans Fat Free, icon

Trans fat free

Trans Fat less than 0.5g per serving, icon

Trans fat less than
0.5g per serving

Protein icon

Protein source

Integrated Crop Management Farming, icon

Integrated crop
management farming

Cage free eggs

Cage free eggs

No Added Preservatives, icon

No added

No artificial colors, icon

No artificial colors

No artificial aromatic substances, icon

No artificial
aromatic substances

Palm oil free

Palm oil free

New, icon
New products
Best seller product
Vegan, icon
Vegetarian, icon
Seasonal + icon