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Certified Excellence

Ioniki is committed to provide high quality products & services and that is reflected with the three certificates (ISO, BRC, IFS) received from certification companies after extensive and demanding inspections carried out in all stages of production followed at our facilities.

The special requirements of the new version of the ISO 22000 standard regarding food safety management systems ensure high quality throughout the production process. ISO 22000 certification is one of the most demanding standards in the world in the field of food and Ioniki is one of the few Greek companies that have received it!

With the renewal of the BRC certificate in its new version v.8, as well as the IFS certification with a percentage that exceeded 99% Ioniki has received the certifications that give the opportunity to claim its entry in even more markets, which are characterized by very high requirements and specifications.

But at Ioniki we are constantly looking for quality and innovation so that’s why our products are unique. The RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certification is an indisputable proof that our production use strictly certified segregated Palm Oil. Aiming at a sustainable environment, we have managed to reduce or eliminate its use in most products, maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

Finally, the V-Label trademark which refers and certifies Vegan products in more than 27 countries has approved Ioniki’s Vegan products. You are absolutely sure that the ingredients are vegetable substitutes for meat, dairy products and egg products.

Our aim is to offer safe, quality, tasty, innovative products and our certifications are the best proof of the huge effort we make every day to achieve it.