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Welcome to the world of Ioniki! In a world created with care and passion, where the purest ingredients blend with tradition and innovation and give new breath to timeless favorite recipes. Our "flavor" journey started in 1991 in Thessaloniki, by seeking to offer unique flavors for the whole world and with the evolution of nutritional values as a major tool to do it. Today we proudly offer more than 400 frozen pastry and puff pastry products like Puff pastry, Thessaloniki bougatsa pie, Vegan puff pastry, Vegan pizza, plant-based pies, Beyond meat pie, Greek traditional pies, croissants, handmade dough, pizzas, Koulouri Thessaloniki’s (Bread rings – Bread sticks), stuffed bagels, Kihi pies, spiral pies, vegetarian choices, pastry sheets (crusty or puff pastry filo which all have won our customers trust.

Quality dough and puff pastry products

for Horeca

At Ioniki we have been preparing delicious Greek pies and puff pastry for almost 30 years. Our prepossession, the golden crispy crust and the authentic Greek ingredients included from traditional Greek pie to the irresistible croissant with delicious fillings. We are serving all over in Greece, a complete solution in the hands of every professional from a bakery or a cafeteria, to a ship, plane and hotel catering. We are already welcomed into every Greek home since our products, traditional or gourmet, have excellent quality and a competitive price on the supermarket shelf.

Ioniki is a Horeca master, just trust us!

Όλο & καλύτερες πίτες για όλο & περισσότερους ανθρώπους!

Driven by innovation. And smiles!

Our mission is to create inspiring solutions and delicious flavors that will give you a new perspective in your everyday life. To set goals and achieve them. To see the smile of satisfaction on the faces of our partners, employees and customers and to welcome more and more of them from anywhere in the world. We constantly seek innovation. Enjoy! Live!

Το όραμά μας

Our values are the core of our existence. They are what guide us in whatever we do.


Hard work is a key feature of our people. Combined with insight it brings us market success as we make more and more friends around the world.


Our entrepreneurship has a global approach and is perfectly in line with our strengths. We inspire and are inspired and, above all, we feel absolutely responsible for what we do.


A sense of appreciation within our team and partners cultivates relationships of respect, trust and integrity that endure over time.


Flexibility contributes to the realisation of our goals. We are continuously evolving and accelerating even more, with our focus firmly on the future.


We choose to communicate straight forwardly, which means simple and direct. Our goal in this is collaborations that are efficient, where much can be done and high demands met.


New product releases, innovations, business activities in the social, environmental and professional sector and participation in exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Everything is here! Have a look!

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Certified Excellence

With well-trained staff and the best raw ingredients, our production process is fully certified and follows the strictest quality controls. It is our overriding concern to provide best quality products to our distribution channel as much as to the final consumer.



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Our awards and distinctions

We are very proud of our awards! Those are confirming our everyday desire for improvement, creating better yet homemade pies. We have won many both in Greek and international

competitions for the quality and innovation of our products! And we will not stop here!

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Our products
travel all over the world
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the world talks about them!

Hi, I'm extremely happy to have found your products in a small supermarket in Mountain View, California !! I come from Thessaloniki and I totally miss the greek pies, I cannot find them anywhere locally in the USA. A friend told me about this tiny supermarket and imagine my suprise when I googled the mini spinach spiral pies (I bought them out of curiosity but my kids LOVE them) and found out they are made near my home town. I am very proud of you guys, I hope your company does really well during the tough Greek economy time!! 

Please could you let me know if you have any retailers in the Boston (MA, USA) area? My mum lives there and I would like to recommend your brand.

Thank you, keep up the good work.

Lena Hunter


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