Private Label (PL)

Private Label (PL)

We are ready to create custom-made pastry products designed to succeed in your market, taking into account the gastronomic requirements of your consumers. We have already created PL products for the largest Supermarket chains and have been the preferred service provider in creating private label pastry products for 20 years.

Choose from a wide variety of recipes, depending on the needs of your market or contact our partners to suggest solutions and even create new flavours and packaging.

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Ιδιωτικές ετικέτες (PL), γραφικό

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Exactly one year ago I tried your Bougatsa for the first time in my life and I rather liked it. Then one month later I was in Thessaloniki and of course I couldn't resist trying again the original Bougatsa. What I realised is that the taste was exactly the same, and it amazed me how true you are to your customers.

I just wanted to congratulate you for keeping your tradition alive and making products that bring customers like me closer to your national cuisine.

Keep doing the same job, because you people are great!

Best regards, 

Lidija Stojanovic

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